About Us

For years uniting with reality. The history so rich in creativity and achievement that it has changed the very course of Jeweller’s art. Generations of dedicated and talented designers, working with the noblest of earth’s treasures have transformed precious metals and stones into objects of rare beauty and fantasy. Like poets or magicians, we know the wonder of dream and the mystery of desire. Experience thus luxury.

Gold has always been a woman’s best friend. There could be no lady on this earth who could say no to Gold & Jewellery. It has always been known to enhance the beauty of a lady and this is the very reason, it has not lost its importance. Depending upon the country and region, Gold has been attached in some way or the other may be as an asset value or as a fashion statement.

Mohammed Khan Jewellers is one of the biggest Jewellers in Telangana since 1936 and they cater to all kinds of clientel. We are known for maintaining Traditional Indian Jewellery and are even more famous for custom-made Jewellery. They specialize in Studded, Diamond  & Plain Gold Jewellery with designs so unique and traditional that one will be completely satisfied.

Gold is purchased in India as an Asset deferring to Western countries who buy Jewellery for Fashion. Hence Quality of the Jewellery you buy is very very important, so that one gets the best price when trying to exchange or sell. We are Quality conscious and give a 100% Guarantee and our ornament are 100% HUID Compliant. We are very strong in our Exchange & Repurchase policy, which  every Jeweller cannot offer. Our Diamond Jewellery can be exchanged or repurchased for 80% value and our Gold Jewellery can be exchanged for weight to weight any time without any deduction (conditions apply).

Mohammed Khan Jewellers firmly believe that “Service is our motto”. They see to it that the customer gets a complete after sales service. They have a full time dedicated Repair Service counter to cater to customer complaints and repairs. Sale, Exchange, Repurchase & After sales service is not only what they offer, but  are also updated with the latest technologies & launch various Schemes Programs to  Benefit  the Customer which cater to the needs of our customers. with our 75 years experience, we can confidently claim that we are the best and hope to remain the best.